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"Straits Tankers operates the world’s largest LR1"

Straits Tankers is a market-leading and dedicated shipping company with a pool of 50 modern LR1 (Long Range 1) product tankers - with more vessels to come in the near future.

That makes Straits Tankers the world's largest pool in the LR1 segment.

We ship oil for companies and traders on both the spot market and on long-term contracts. Our team of salesmen and operation managers are all well-experienced - coming from companies such as A.P. Møller-Maersk, Torm, J. Lauritzen, Trafigura and Norden.

We keep our organization LEAN and our business model fair and transparent. As an example we base the fee structure in our pool on net earnings instead of gross freight commissions – meaning that we provide the highest possible daily earnings to our vessel owners.

Looking at the world map we have no "blind spots" in Straits Tankers. When cooperating with us you benefit from our strong international presence and network, which includes shipowners, charterers and companies all over the world.

We value long term relationships. We take pride in getting a solid understanding of your business and your needs, and we constantly try to improve our performance.

Our staff includes several captains and chief officers, and a great deal of our experience has been gathered firsthand at sea. This ensures you the best hands-on working relationship – whatever your question or challenge may be.

Long term relationships 

Long term relationships are of essence at Straits Tankers. We believe that in any market condition, whether high or low, the key to success is conducting our business based on shared interest, and we strive to make solutions that generate value for both our customers and partners. With the Straits Tankers homogeneous fleet we are able to support our customers with their local as well as worldwide activities.


For owners, in today’s prevailing market conditions, the day-to-day handling and managing the fleet by means of economy of scale makes sense for the individual owner, and with a steady cash flow management their overall performance risk is diversified by efficient utilization of the individual vessel and the fleet.


FFA handling is an added value to the services of Straits Tankers. This is done to enable the Pool to hedge positions and periods, as well as to capitalize on our assets and market information. Future freight and bunkers are hedged within the parameters of the company’s FFA and Hedging Policy.



  • Straits Tankers operates the world’s largest LR1 fleet with 50 vessels in our pool.

  • Straits Tankers was founded in 2011 when Hafnia Management and Mitsui O.S.K Lines joined forces.

  • Seo Akira is the CEO of Straits Tankers

  • We have offices in Copenhagen and Singapore and are planning to open our third office in Houston, US, within 2014.

  • We move petrochemicals all over the world.

  • We extend our service to ship owners, operators, banks and financial investors.


Phone: +45 3369 9000

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