In times where the market seemingly is getting more and more fragmented, whilst at the same time customer’s demands increasing, the Straits Pools efficiently service the markets, whilst extending the best possible and most flexible service and solutions to customers.

The Management team and the partners of Straits Tankers clearly agrees that one thing owners can do to make the Product Tankers market mechanisms more efficient, is to consolidate the supply of tonnage. Simultaneously the larger Pools are able to service the global oil industry’s increasing need for complex services and logistics solutions.

The best way of doing this, is by pooling with other owners of similar beliefs. Not only are you keeping your sole independence as an owner, and retaining your influence on the strategic directions your fleet should have in the challenging Product Market.

You will exchange experiences with top quality owners in the Product Tankers field, whilst the Straits commercial teams act on the strategically guidelines set by the Executive Pool Board.

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